About The Site

Getting a headache is no fun. We are providing information that helps you understand why you have a headache and what to do. We will help you narrow down your triggers and give you suggestions on what you can do to live as headache free as possible. We’ve Got This!


So… What Can You Expect From WhatCausesHeadache.Com?

We plan on providing current, up to date, and accurate information on this site. Most of this information is going to be provided in a way that can be referenced and shared with others. We will simply do the best we can to give you information that matters. Keeping this site positive and friendly is our goal for us and our readers. Please do not be negative with each other as we feel that it takes the focus away from what we are trying to do.

So, get ready for a realistic approach to understanding the cause of headaches as well as suggestions on how to deal with a headache when they happen.  

If you get 1 thing out of this site, we hope it is the skills and confidence to take care of your family and yourself

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